The informal sector plays an important role in Mexico City’s economy, creativite and social dynamics. The informal is usually stigmatized despite being part of Mexico City’s DNA. It holds enormous potential, particularly from the design standpoint, both as a source of inspiration and creation; and as an alternative view to approach and interact with our urban environment. So how can we tap into its potential and the possibilities it offers? If we understand the informal sector, without demonizing it, we can move forward with envisioning and implementing new ways to harness its potential while taking advantage of new paradigms, ideas, technologies.

We currently run a 5,000 m2 space in the Mexico City center next to 7 industries. We are focused on designing circular systems within these sectors. We have been running the lab since 2015.
We are currently working in Tepito-Lagunilla –a neighborhood with an emblematic presence of the informal sector– where we want to implement open and circular design.